Daniela trained as an Osteopath & Naturopath at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, London and has also completed the Paediatric Diploma with the Osteopathic Centre for Children, London (OCC) which provides the most in depth training in the UK.

She is interested in treating the body as a whole, finding the connections between different injuries and postural imbalances and encourage her patients’ health using manual, cranial, visceral, medical acupuncture, exercise therapy, dietary and postural approaches.

Daniela enjoys explaining to her patients their conditions, any predisposing and maintaining factors related to their problems, so they know how to manage their lifestyle to avoid injuries and relapse in the future.

She provides individualised assessments and treatments for her patients and aims to help them achieve their goals in the shortest possible time.

In her free time, Daniela enjoys running, playing her ukulele and going on adventures that involve long walks in nature.

Daniela is a fantastic practitioner and has the following qualifications:

M.Ost. - Masters in Osteopathy (Distinction)
ND - Diploma in Naturopathy
DO - Diploma in Osteopathy
DPO - Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy