About the Clinic

We aim to deliver the highest possible standards of professionalism and the best possible patient care whilst also being flexible in meeting your needs.

Integrative and Holistic Healthcare

We are firm believers in integrative and holistic health care as a means of providing the best solution to the patient's problems / ailments.

Natural Approach

We employ Osteopathic and Naturopathic methods which work with the body's innate healing mechanisms to deal with the underlying causes of dysfunction.

Visiting Us

Today people from all over the south-east of England and further afield are treated at The Chiltern Vale Clinic.

Our Mission

We are committed as primary healthcare professionals to help our clients resume their lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.

High Quality

We take a goal-oriented approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them

Patient Care

We’ll provide hands-on treatment in the clinic and education you can take home with you, enabling you to become an active participant in your recovery and future physical health.

Professional Service

Our physical therapists have years of clinical experience and a shared passion for helping our community stay active.

Why Choose Us?

Here at the Chiltern Vale Clinic we treat people not just conditions. Treatment is safe, effective, and holistic.  We take time during your visit to ensure your satisfaction and comfort.

We endeavour to provide the best service possible and to explain so that you understand your situation, intended treatment and prognosis during your visit

After care - we are just at the other end of the phone to help deal with your questions and concerns.

Each patient is unique, hence a wide range of techniques and approaches are utilised to account for this individuality.

The use of maintenance treatment can be of great benefit to those for which it is deemed important for long-term well-being.

Treatment when it suits you. No private health insurance or referral needed.

Who Can Benefit?

Men & Women - problems relating to work, diet and lifestyle.

Children - problems arisen due to the trauma of childbirth, or physical development associated with 'growing-up'. N.B. All Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Teenagers - helping to adjust to changes in body framework and activity levels. N.B. All Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Elderly people - the promotion of optimal function when contending with the changes associated with ageing such as arthritic pain and stiffness.

Sports people - assessing faulty movement patterns, which may lead to or already have led to injury associated with exercise.

Pregnancy - we are able to assist you throughout your pregnancy and postnatally.

Our Therapists

Matthew Mojsak M.Ost, ND, DO

Matthew Mojsak M.Ost, ND, DO

Practice Principal, Osteopath, Naturpath, Acupuncturist, Low Level Laser Therapist

Matthew opened The Chiltern Vale Clinic in 2009 and continues to serve the local region with a range of physical therapy and osteopathy.

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Sybil Roskill M.Ost, DO, ND

Sybil Roskill M.Ost, DO, ND

Fully Registered Osteopath

Sybil is an experienced practitioner and qualified with a Masters in Osteopathy, Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Osteopathy from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in London, England.

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Alison Mojsak

Alison Mojsak

Practice Manager

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